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Arizona Malayalee Association

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Christmas Celebrations 2018 Program Rules

  1. Membership
    • Arizona Malayalee Association Membership is a requirement for all team captains /program coordinators.
    • For team events, non-members can participate by paying a separate performance fee with a condition that the majority of the participants are from the Malayalee community.
    • If you are interested to become an Association member, please contact Participation will be free for all paid members and their families to regular events organized by the association.
  2. Time Limit
    • In order to reduce the total duration of the programs, we strongly encourage Group events over Individual programs. The committee will be coordinating a few group programs; please let us know if you have interest to participate.
    • Kids group programs (7 Minutes), and Adult Group programs (10 Minutes).
  3. Number of Slots
    • There will be limited entries accepted due to time constraints. There will be around 35 slots (3 Hours of Cultural programs) for this year's Onam celebration. 10 slots will be reserved for Individual events. Remaining slots will be for programs with two or more participants. The slots will be allocated based on "first come first serve" policy.
    • The program committee reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the total number of programs.
  4. Number of Programs/Person
    • In order to accommodate and encourage more participants, we want to restrict number of programs/person.
    • One program per participant. (Exception - Committee sponsored programs like Procession, Skit, etc.)
  5. Registration.
    • Cutoff Date- December 21st Friday. Please fill and submit the registration form below.
    • Audio/Video has to be submitted before Friday December 21st.
    • Special priority will be given to group programs promoting our culture and language.
    • Please contact the cultural secretary Rashmi Menon (623-326-0856/ ) in case you have any questions regarding the registration.
  6. Reporting.
    • At least 30 Minutes before their program. We will have a Report desk near the front welcome area. If you miss your time slot, time permitting you will be accommodated at the end of the program.
    • Any requests to change the order will be entertained only under special circumstances.
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